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Light-matter interactions, the recent advances in fabrication techniques, and the trends to compactness makes photonics to work more and more on the nanoscale. This makes this a broad field where developments based on nanostructured dielectrics, semiconductors and metals leads to applications and devices in which electromagnetic field can be generated, manipulated and controlled in sub-wavelength structures. The
materials employed cover a wide range: organic, metallic, ceramic, magnetic, and dielectric. The clever choice or combination from such a wide variety of materials enables the development of novel applications with on-demand optical properties. Applications that will lead to technological advances span from information technologies to energy harvesting and biosensing.

The conference aim is to bring together top researchers and future leaders encouraging interactions between students, young speakers, and senior figures in the field. The topics will cover the experimental and theoretical aspects of light interaction with nanoscale objects and nanostructured materials, focusing on dielectric materials tailored on the nanoscale, metalic materials exploiting their capability to sustain plasmon excitations, and magneto-optical materials that, on one side, allow external modification of the optical properties, and, on the other, are non-reciprocal permitting to envisage structures that are immune to backscattering.

 A one-day NanoMagma workshop is also being planned on the 13th of April.
      NanoMagma is a European funded project and the main purpose is the study,
      development and application of a novel concept of nanostructured materials
      formed by the combination of components with plasmonic and magneto-optic
      (MO) activity. This smart combination will produce “magneto-plasmonic”
      nanomaterials tailored on the nanoscale.


  Invited Speakers

  Javier Aizpurua
    (CSIC-UPV/EHU & DIPC, Spain)
  Harry Atwater
    (Caltech, USA)
  Bernard Dieny
   (SPINTEC, France)
  Nader Engheta
    (Univ of Pennsylvania, USA)
  Shanhui Fan
    (Stanford University, USA)
  Chiraz Frydman
(HORIBA Scientific, France)
  Harald Giessen
    (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
  Emmanuel Hadji
    (CEA, France)
  Evelyn Hu
    (Harvard SEAS, USA)
  Mitsuteru Inoue
    (Toyohashi Univ of Technology, Japan)
  Thomas F Krauss
    (University of St. Andrews, UK)
  Luis M. Liz-Marzan
    (Universidad de Vigo, Spain)
  John Pendry
    (Imperial College London, UK)
  Theo Rasing
    (Radboud Univ, The Netherlands)
  Vasily Temnov
    (MIT, USA)
  Alexei Tchelnokov
    (CEA-Leti, France)
  Paolo Vavassori
    (CIC nanoGUNE Consolider, Spain)


  Lionel Aigouy
    (LPEM-ESPCI-CNRS, France)
  Pablo Alonso-Gonz√°lez
    (CIC nanoGUNE, Spain)
  Ashod Aradian
    (Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal, France)
  Patrice Baldeck
    (LIPhy CNRS, France)
  Alvaro Blanco
    (Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (CSIC), Spain)
  Alfonso Cebollada
    (IMM-CNM-CSIC, Spain)
  Jianing Chen
    (CIC nanoGUNE, Spain)
  Alexander Chizhik
    (Universidad del Pa√≠s Vasco, Spain)
  Alasdair Clark
    (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom)
  Cesar de Julian Fernandez
    (INSTM - Univ. Firenze, Italy)
  Anne Debarre
    (Lab. Aim√© Cotton, France)
  Josep Ferr√© Borrull
    (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain)
  Luis S. Froufe-P√©rez
    (UAM, Spain)
  Juan Galisteo-L√≥pez
    (ICMM-CSIC, Spain)
  Raquel G√≥mez-Medina
    (Universidad Aut√≥noma de Madrid, Spain)
  Kuntheak Kheng
    (CEA-Grenoble and Univ. of Grenoble, France)
  Christoph Langhammer
    (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
  Marco Leonetti
    (CSIC, Spain)
  Fred Lisdat
    (Technical University Wildau, Germany)
  Enrique Macia
    (UCM, Spain)
  Maria Grazia Manera
    (CNR-IMM Lecce, Italy)
  Ida Ros
    (Consorzio INSTM, Italy)
  Juan Jose Saenz
    (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain)
  Jose A. S√°nchez-Gil
    (CSIC, Spain)
  Titus Sandu
    (National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies, Romania)
  Thierry Taliercio
    (University Montpellier 2, France)
  Veronica Toccafondo
    (Universidad Polit√©cnica de Valencia, Spain)
  R√©mi Vincent
    (Institut Langevin, ESPCI ParisTech, France)
  Yuriy Zakharko
    (INSA-Lyon, France)



ImagineNano 2011