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    Invited Speakers (5)
  Kazuhito Kinosita (Waseda Univ., Japan)
    "A rotary molecular motor with amazing performance"
  Antonio Luque (Univ Politcnica de Madrid, Spain)
    "Nanotechnology for more efficient photovoltaics: the quantum dot intermediate band solar cell"
  Emilio Mendez (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA)
    "Nanotechnology for the Energy Challenge"
  Ana Moore (Arizona Univ., USA)
    "Design of Photoelectrochemical Cells for the Splitting of Water and Production of Fuel"
  Nicolas Tetreault (EPFL, Switzerland)
    "The advent of mesosocopic solar cells"
  Nicolas Tetreault (EPFL, Switzerland)
    "Self-assembled 3D Host-Guests and TiO2 fibrous network for enhanced charge transport and light harvesting in high efficiency solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells"
    Keynotes (11)
  Franck Artzner (CNRS IPR, France)
    "Bio-inspired scaffolds to manufacture nanomaterials :nanotubes & Quantum Dots arrays"
  Juan Bisquert (Universitat Jaume I, Spain )
    "Dynamics and distribution of photogenerated carriers in organic solar cells and in dye solar cells"
  Alejandro A. Franco (CEA-LITEN, France)
    "Designing fuel cells and batteries from nanosciences and physical modeling"
  Fernando Briones (IMM-CNM-CSIC, Spain)
    "Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE), a versatile tool to integrate model semiconductor nanostructures into advanced solar cell concepts"
  Frdric Favier (CNRS ICG, France)
    "Title not available"
  David Fuertes Marron (UPM, Spain)
    "Chalcopyrite-based nanostructures: new prospects for highly efficient photovoltaic devices"
  Christophe Lethien (CNRS IEMN, France)
    "Silicon nanowires and nanopillars arrays for lithium-ion battery and micro-battery: overview, challenges and perspectives"
  Jordi Martorell (ICFO, Spain)
    "New routes for the fabrication of organic photovoltaic cells"
  Xavier Obradors (ICMAB-CSIC, Spain)
    "Chemical solution approaches to self-assembled and nanocomposite superconducting and ferromagnetic films"
  Pere Roca i Cabarrocas (CNRS LPICM, France)
    "Top-down and bottom-up approaches to silicon nanowire solar cells"
  Taro Toyoda (The Univ of Electro-Communications, Japan)
    "Characterization of Optical Properties of Semiconductor Quantum Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells together with Ultrafast Carrier Dynamic Propertie"
    Orals (10)
  Roger Amade Rovira (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)
    "Carbon nanotubes lined by anodic deposition of MnO2 for supercapacitor application"
  Annalisa Bruno (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
    "Exciton diffusion Length and morphology TFB/ fullerene blends"
  José C. Conesa (Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica, CSIC, Spain)
    "Intermediate band materials for more efficient solar energy use: quantum modeling and experimental realizations"
  Arnaldo Galbiati (Solaris Photonics, United Kingdom)
    "A Novel Ultra Thin Film Photovoltaic Technology with Alkali Metal Active Region"
  Marcin Gorzny (CIC nanoGUNE, Spain)
    "Synthesis of High-Surface-Area Platinum Nanotubes Using a Viral Template"
  Ladislav Kavan (J Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Republic)
    "Optically Transparent Cathode for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Graphene Nanoplatelets"
  Elin Larsson (Applied Physics, Sweden)
    "Indirect Nanoplasmonic Sensing in Catalysis: Sintering, Reactant Surface Coverage Changes and Optical Nanocalorimetry"
  Enrique Macia (UCM, Spain)
    "Optimizing the thermoelectric figure of merit of aperiodic solids"
  Marisol Martin-Gonzalez (IMM-CSIC, Spain)
    "Nanoengineering Thermoelectrics for Energy Harvesting."
  Xavier Oriols (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain)
    "Towards Power Optimization in Nanoscale Systems through the use of Many-electron Correlations"
    Posters (11)
  Arlete Apolinário (Universidade do Porto, IFIMUP, Portugal)
    "Thickness and order enhancement in arrays of TiO2 nanotubes through a simple electropolishing pre-treatment"
  Eneko Azaceta (CIDETEC-IK4, Spain)
    "Ionic liquid based cathodic electrodeposition of metal oxides for energy field applications"
  Sagrario Domínguez (FideNa, Spain)
    "Optimization of photonic crystals to reduce the reflectance of silicon surfaces for solar cell applications"
  Zoraida González (Instituto Nacional del Carbón, Spain)
    "Graphene derivatives as positive electrode materials in a vanadium redox flow battery"
  Irene Gonzalez-Valls (CIN2, Spain)
    "Vertically-aligned Semiconductor Oxides for Dye sensitized solar cells"
  Etor Perez de San Roman (IMM-CNM-CSIC, Spain)
    "Nanostructured front grid contacts for III-V solar cells"
  Ricardo Pinedo (UPV/EHU, Spain)
    "Hydrothermal synthesis of NiO/carbon nanotubes nanocomposite for energy production and storage devices."
  Silvia Roldán (Instituto Nacional del Carbón, Spain)
    "Redox-active electrolytes as a new route to obtain high-energy carbon-based supercapacitors"
  Yohanna Seminóvski (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)
    "First Principles study of Bi doped CdTe thin film solar cells: electronic and optical properties"
  Sébastien Sorgues (Université Paris-Sud 11, France)
    "First evidence of the Photoconductivity of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes films deposited on Silicon surface by Time Resolved Microwave Conductivity"
  Marketa Zukalova (JHIPCH AS CR, Czech Republic)
    "Nanostructured Li4Ti5O12 spinel as an anode for three-dimensional Li-ion battery."



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