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  Warning to all Exhibitors

Please be aware of companies asking exhibitors to participate in a fair guide listing.

We would like to inform the ImagineNano exhibitors (2011 and 2013 edition) that "Fair Guide" from Construct Data Publishers (Slovakia), is contacting our exhibitors by FAX or mailing, asking for fair catalogue entries. The form mention our exhibition name, and are sent with an application for "updating your company information on Fair Guide".

This service appears as a free listing, however, once the application form is signed and sent back to Fair Guide, subscribers will receive an invoice. The service is fee-based, a fact that is only mentioned in the small print details on the bottom of the application.

Please note that we DO NOT HAVE any relationship with "Fair Guide", "Expo Guide" or publisher Construct Data Verlag. We as organizers of ImagineNano always contact you by email (info@imaginenano.com, info@phantomsnet.net). We categorically disassociate ourselves from the business practices of Fair Guide.

We strongly advise all our exhibitors to be vigilant against organizations such as Fair Guide, who do not represent the good name developed within the exhibitions industry. Please warn other exhibitors about such guides and more generally to carefully read small print details before signing any document. Unfortunately, hundreds of organizers and their exhibitors are distracted and harassed every year by the mischief of Fair Guide/Construct Data, the Slovakian company that has been targeting exhibitors with a very suspicious looking Directory Listing offer via mail.

If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us.



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